Fw: TrueTTY 1.60 is released!

Randy Mays randy@pobox.com
Tue, 25 Jul 2000 17:42:22 -0400


> Hello, all my software users!
> I just have uploaded TrueTTY 1.60 to the main site and mirrors:
>      http://www.dxsoft.com/truetty.zip                Main site (USA)
>      http://www.hamradio-software.com/truetty.zip     USA mirror
>      http://www.dxsoft.f2s.com/truetty.zip            England
>      http://www.8ung.at/dxsoft/download/trtty160.zip  Austria

>                      TrueTTY Versions History
> V1.60
>  Release version. Documentation was update.
>  "Setup->English/Russian Ext. Charset" option for used alphabet
>  in RTTY and AMTOR modes was made. When this option is selected,
>  Russian/English shift is switched by the same way that Russian
>  commercial station use.
>  Minor change in upper/lower shift switching (when "Extended Baudot"
>  is enabled) was made.
>  More "smart" method of incorrect synchronization detecting in
>  "AMTOR-Fast Sync" mode was made.
> V1.56
>  AMTOR-FEC transmitting was made.
>  Extended code table for AMTOR and RTTY (with high and low letters) was
>  Extended table is switched on and off via "Setup->Extended Baudot" menu .
>  '}' char doesn't work as `[rx] macrosequence synonym now.
>  But you can insert this sequence by Alt-] or Ctrl-] keystroke.
>  Some other minor changes were made.
> V1.55
>  Once more speed option (300 Bd) in RTTY and ASCII modes was made.
>  Frequency resolution (AFC accuracy) is highly improved  in BPSK31 and
>  modes. I hope it should improve decoding quality.
> V1.54
>  User can edit text on macros buttons via "Edit Macros" menu now.
>  Font parameters of that text can be changed via
>  "Setup->Fonts and Colors->Macro Buttons Font Setup" menu.
>  Macrosequences for CW-ID were made:
>     `[cwrText] - to sent "Text" sequence by Morse code and switch TX off;
>     `[cwtText] - to sent "Text" by Morse code and continue transmit with
>                  current mode;
>     ~[cwrText] - to switch TX on, sent "Text" by Morse code and switch TX
>     ~[cwtText] - to switch TX on, sent "Text" by Morse code and continue
transmit with
>                  current mode;
>     It is necessary to use underline symbol ("_") in place of space in
>     sequence.
>  When "BACKSPACE" handling is  switching on, backspace symbols are right
>  handled in "Sent" window now.
> V1.53
>   AMTOR-FEC (SITOR-B) receiving was made. Try the "Fast Sync" option, you
>   like it. To receive broadcast FEC, the "Normal/Reverse" button must be
>   the same position as for RTTY, that is "Normal" in USB and "Reverse" in
>   LSB. To receive SELFEC, switch this button in another position and
>   switch on the "Fast Sync" option.
> V1.52
>   In ASCII-7 and ASCII-8 modes "NIL" symbol is transmitted before each
>   or "CR" symbol. It was made for better bit synchronization.
> V1.51
>   ASCII-7 and ASCII-8 modes were implemented.
>   I think that modes are not less convenient for QSO than PSK31,
>   but they are not such sensitive to tuning accuracy and propagation
>   conditions.
>   "BACKSPACE" symbols handling was made in PSK and ASCII modes. That
>   can be switched off by "Setup->Backspace Handling" menu.
>   Support of Swedish version of Baudot code was made in RTTY mode.
>   It is switched on by "Setup->Swedish Charset" menu.
> [...]