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Wed, 26 Jul 2000 07:30:45 -0400


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(Hicksville, NY) -- Steve Stroh, N8GNJ, has been named the new
Digital Editor of CQ Amateur Radio magazine, effective with the
September, 2000, issue, it was announced by Editor Rich Moseson,
W2VU.  Stroh's appointment follows the resignation of Packet
Editor Buck Rogers, K4ABT, and the conclusion of Rogers' Packet
User's Notebook column.
     The new column will be titled "Digital Wireless" and will
cover the full spectrum of amateur digital communications, from
RTTY to Spread Spectrum and newly developing modes such as Ultra
     Stroh, who lives in Woodinville, Washington, brings with him
a wealth of experience writing about the use of wireless
technology by Internet Service Providers as well as digital
amateur radio.  He is a full-time writer with regular columns in
three computer/internet industry magazines, "Boardwatch," "CLEC"
and "Broadband Wireless Business."  His primary topic for each of
those columns is wireless internet access, and he is in the
process of writing a book on the subject as well.
     On the ham radio side, Stroh  has held a number of positions
in TAPR (Tucson Amateur Packet Radio), and is Chairman of the
2000 ARRL/TAPR Digital Communications Conference (DCC), to be
held this fall in Florida.
     "My success in writing is directly due to my experiences
with digital wireless technology in amateur radio, and I
recognize that debt clearly," says Stroh, whose plans for his new
Digital Wireless column are "to focus on the really interesting
stuff that's happening in amateur radio, the majority of which is
digital.  A perfect example is a project I became aware of that
links amateur radio astronomy dishes to a home-built 'correlator'
via amateur microwave.  Others are ongoing coverage of TAPR's
innovative spread spectrum radio project, the Phase III-D
satellite's RUDAK system, changes in APRS resulting from the
elimination of selective availability, regular coverage of the HF
digital modes, (and) news from the DCC."
     Moseson says he believes Stroh's experience in both
commercial and amateur digital communications will be a strong
asset.  "My first contact with Steve was through a column he
wrote in 'Boardwatch' about the importance of ham radio to the
telecommunications industry," says Moseson.  "Buck Rogers is a
hard act to follow, but I'm confident that Steve will be able to
maintain Buck's high technical standards while expanding the
scope of CQ's digital coverage."
                               -- CQ Communications Press Release