Spectran beta 4

Alberto di Bene dibene@usa.net
Tue, 01 Aug 2000 16:25:31 +0200

Hi all,
                this message is sent to all the reflectors where originally I sent
the announcement of the beta 4 version of Spectran.

While some of the users have been able to have it run correctly, the greatest
part is having problems with the semi-automatic mixer setting procedure.
Vittorio and I are investigating on the possible causes of those problems,
and probably we will produce some debug ad-interim versions that will
help us to better diagnose what happened.

For this we are asking for a number of volunteers to run those debug pgms.
If you are willing to volunteer for this, please contact us. We expect that
the vounteers be proficient with manually setting the Windows mixer, to
reset it from a probable bad state those tests will leave it.

Should we be not able in the end to fix this problem, then we will distribute
another build of Spectran that will not rely on the programmatical setting
of the mixer, though this will mean to renounce to the possibility of the
PassThrough done with a simple mouse click, and the need of manually
setting the mixer before running Spectran.

Thanks for your cooperation

Alberto    I2PHD