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Winding a coil from aluminum CATV line, etc. would be similar to using wide
flat strap for the conductor.  This is actually less effective than using
Litz wire at LF with the proper strand diameter to # of strands ratio.  Its
a fractal-geometry thing involving the skin effect.  You get far more usable
surface area with Litz wire in this frequency range than you can get with
flat strap or big dia conductors.  (Think of it this way -- there must be
some really good reason to go to all the trouble to manufacture Litz wire --
it is a pain. If wide strap were just as good or better, Litz wire would
never have existed.)  Of course, by the time you get to HF, the
effectiveness of litzendraht is worse compared to flat strap.  Hence it is
only used to the MF band.  See for instance:



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Hello Folks,

I wonder if anyone has tried building a really big coil out of CATV line.
I can easily be formed into 3 or 4 foot dia circles and even more. With the
right lenght to
dia. ratio yield a very hi Q coil.  The cable diameter .5" to 1.125" and is
relatively light.

Might be OK for base loading.  Any ideas on this crazy scheme.

Also has anyone heard VA3LK on 137.710.   I am very dissapointed that I
cannot hear/see him using
Spectran 4.0 and a 200 foot long wire.  I heard that there was a good signal
in Western PA and also that someone
1100 miles away recently copied him  I gotta be doing something wrong.
137.710 correct with 800 Hz  CW note?
Also no sign of his friend 14 Hz down.

I am open to suggestions... please help


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