DDS Module

Talbot Andrew
Wed, 2 Aug 2000 11:46:07 +0100

Apologies if you either are not interested or have received this
information several times before but I "borrowed" this set of EMail
reflector addresses from a source who had better remain nameless.   It
does look like as the cream of amateur radio experimenters subscribe to
at least one of these.....

I have recently developed a small DDS module using the AD9850 chip
designed for control from a PC. This can generate signals up to 40MHz at
milli-Hz resolution.   An integral PIC controller allows it to be driven
with simple ASCII text based commands from any serial port.  A PCB is
now available with the AD9850 already fitted (as well as bare boards),
the rest of the components are easily found large SMT style or wire
ended devices.  Full data and the PCB / chip are available from the
HF-Instruments web site, programmed PICs are also available.


The contructional data can be downloaded from here to see what the
module is capable of before purchasing.

We originally had about 40 requests for this module when sounding out
interest and priced the PCBs accordingly. 100 were made and 25 or so had
the AD9850 chips mounted professionally.   So far only about 10 orders
have rolled in and as the finance has been put up front where are all
those who originally expressed interest ?

Andy  G4JNT

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