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Wed, 02 Aug 2000 17:56:50 -0500

I have been asked to assist in the sale of some
recently decommissioned NDB transmitters. These
are for sale by a Canadian company called
Quecan in Quebec. These units are decommissioned
marine beacons that operated along the North
American coastlines (over 300 of these were recently
taken out of service)

Three are three of these units available.


Nautel 1KW LF Beacon Transmitter NX4000BA/D Item #374374433

Very clean, functioning unit contains 2 Exciters
Type E8/2. This unit also contains 15 PA Modules
which produce 64 watts of power each, and are
broadband across the entire LF spectrum. 

These PA units have direct applications in LF
amateur projects. They require 81VAC and schematics
are available making them easy to modify. 

This unit sells for $3,000 plus shipping. 
Schematic of the PA unit is available. No other
instructions included.

This would be perfect for a club or group purchase,
as the PA's could be used by a number of hams
to get a respectable signal out on LF.  


Nautel 1KW LF Beacon Transmitter NX4000BA/D Item #374371990

Very clean, functioning unit, contains 2
exciters type E8/2 with monitor panel. 
PA's as above.

This unit also sells for $3,000 plus shipping.


Nautel 100 Watt LF Beacon Transmitter NEL 7703 Item #374369306

Includes Power cube, 2 Exciters, Timing Monitor, 2 Clock Keyer,
Timing receiver, Power supply, and an antenna tuning unit (loading coil).

Instructions are included with this transmitter. Should be an
easy conversion to CW transmitter for LF use. 

Price: $2,000 plus shipping. 


Please send an email to:

Include the item # in the subject line (Very Important). They can
e-mail a photograph of the unit to you and calculate shipping costs.
Serious inquires only please.

You must also indicate that you are ordering through Les Rayburn, N1LF
as otherwise the price of these units are $5,000 and $3,500. 

The folks at Quecan are nice, but don't know a lot about LF
equipment. Hope this helps out those of you who can use
high power on LF, we lowfers will just have to tough it out
with our 1 watt beacons.