I did it again...

Terry Fox tfox@erols.com
Thu, 17 Aug 2000 22:08:15 -0400

Well, over the weekend I built another DDS module.  This time I was
successful in putting an AD9850 DDS chip on a 28-pin DIP header.  The
AD9850 uses a 120MHz oscillator, and create frequencies up to 45MHz.

Right now, it is programmed in parallel with the S&S engineering DDS
module AD9850.  I can create a computer program to program the module
from  the printer port like the AD9832 module built earlier this year.

I have also started playing with the PIC chips.  I have not created a
program for the DDS yet, but will soon.  I have copies of programs by
others to control the AD9850, and can modify them for conrolling both
that DDS or the AD9832.

The spectrum analyzer is almost done.  I am waiting for the tracking
generator kit to finish it.  I am also thinking of putting one of the
AD9850 modules in it to create a marker generator.

If I am lucky enough to be successful in creating a mini-pc board to put
the AD9850 on the DIP header, I may be asking if anyone is interested in
me making a few.  I am NOT going into business doing this.

Next steps are to finish the network analyzer, three meter bridge
cisruit, and then finish my LF receiver.  It never ends!