Yet another audio analyzer program]

Andre' Kesteloot
Fri, 18 Aug 2000 16:00:32 -0400 wrote:

> Hello LF'ers,
> For all those who like to play around with audio analyzer software:
>  There is a new spectrum analyzer (not perfect yet, but stable).
> I know there are many other (and most certainly better) programs around, but
> maybe some of the features of this new program are useful:
>   - "contrast" and "brightness" control for the waterfall display.
>      You may re-paint the waterfall while the analysis keeps "running".
>   -  waterfall and spectrum may be rotated by 90 degrees
>   -  frequency scale may be "mirrored" for LSB receivers
>   -  waterfall may be "scrolled back" without stopping the analysis.
> The color palette controls are nice to dig those very weak signals out of the
> noise (which we are all looking for ;-). The program runs properly even on
> the stone-age 90MHz Pentium    which we use at the club station DF0WD.
> You may download the software from (as long as they don't
> kick the 900kBytes off their server hi).
> The full source text is also available there (written in C++Builder for
> Win95).
> Btw:   My apologies to all stations who called me last weekend on 136kHz but
> got no reply. The QRM/QRN at DF0WD is terrible these days, I could not even
> hear the rattling loran signals !
> 73's, good luck and hope to *hear* you on 136kHz ....
>  from Wolf    ( DL4YHF,  lf operator at DF0WD ).