[Lf] Cue Cat ?

William Hansell whansell@cox.rr.com
Tue, 5 Sep 2000 11:18:42 -0400

I picked up a Cue Cat last week.  As I'm sure most of you are aware they are
free from any Radio Shack store.  It only took a few minutes to plug it into
my mouse port and plug my mouse into the Y-connection on the Cue Cat cable.

Before you go to Radio Shack go to their web site and print out a coupon for
a free 2001 catalog.  Make sure you pick up a free catalog with the free Cue

To get up and running you need to load some software off a CD ROM that comes
with Cue Cat and then go to the Cue Cat web site and register.  They want
the usual information, name, address, etc.  They also ask if you would like
to give more information as part of a marketing survey.  Seconds later an
e-mail comes in with a registration confirmation code.

I have used the Cue Cat to read bar codes out of the new Radio Shack
catalog.  A web page pops up with technical details on the item and
information on availability and discounts.  I also tried it with a Cue code
in the Sunday paper (not Radio Shack).  It worked fine.

I'm sure that any company involved with this technology is keeping track of
web site visits and purchases but that's no different than what they were
doing before Cue Cat.  Cue Cat does take the leg work out of finding the web
page your looking for.

There is a master Cue Cat web site.  I don't know if that site is involved
in every Cue Cat web transaction and capable of building a total profile of
your web shopping habits.  It is certainly possible.  You may have to choose
between convenience and privacy.  How many of us have totally disabled all
internet cookies on our machines?  Do you know what all of those cookies are


The device works as advertised.

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Has anyone on this reflector tried the new bar code reader
("Cue Cat") that can be obtained free of charge from Radio
Shack, and is used to access directly relevant information
on the web?
There are several steps about "activating your software"
that make me suspicious as to whether this will also open
somewhere a mega database of the stuff I might be interested

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