More on Bluetooth

Andre Kesteloot
Wed, 29 Jan 2003 17:59:47 -0500

STMicro Unveils Bluetooth Chipset For Mobile Keyboards

Semiconductor maker STMicroelectronics today announced a Bluetooth chipset
and reference design using the Human Interface Design (HID) standard that
allows mobile keyboards to work with laptops, PDAs and mobile phones.

Keyboards powered by the chipset, which combines ST's STLC2150 Bluetooth
RF Transceiver and STLC2410 baseband along with Bluetooth HID profile
software, can be used for data-entry application to multiple platforms.

The total market for keyboards, mice and handheld presenters will exceed
300 million units in 2003 and will approach 400 million by 2006, and
Bluetooth is expected to play a key role, according to research firm