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Andre Kesteloot andre.kesteloot at verizon.net
Wed Mar 19 16:22:42 CST 2003

Ford Peterson wrote:

> My fascination with lowband antennas has been peaked of late.  I'm 
> playing with ferrite antennas for 160M.  When researching my issues 
> this evening, I found myself surfing your LF pages at AMRAD. 
> I'm fascinated with your progress and want to learn some more.
> Ford-N0FP
> ford at cmgate.com <mailto:ford at cmgate.com>

Hello Ford,

Thanks for your comments.
If you are interested in  "doing"  some LF stuff, such as building 
equipment, receiving and transmitting, then you may want to:
a) get your name on our LF mailing list

lf mailing list
lf at amrad.org

b) become a member of AMRAD and thus receive our AMRAD Newsletter.

André N4ICK
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