A one-hand keypad

Andre Kesteloot andre.kesteloot at verizon.net
Sat Mar 22 17:10:20 CST 2003

FrogPad - Revolutionary One-Hand Keyboard for Mobile Devices

Ultra-small keyboard features ergonomic key layout that is designed
around the 15 most-used letters of the English alphabet, and adapts
to the natural drumming motion of the human hand.

The FrogPad keyboard measures 3" x 3" and features full-sized keys,
all in 1/5th of the space taken by a traditional Qwerty keyboard. The
letter layout of the keyboard is based on the percent usage of each
letter in the English language. The fifteen letters that are used 86%
of the time by most typists are placed in the most efficient locations
on the keyboard. It was also designed using the natural drumming
motion of the hand.

The FrogPad keyboard will be licensed as the embedded UI to wireless
Internet device manufacturers, including manufacturers of USB-compatible
PDA's, Pocket PCs, Tablet PCs and wireless phones. FrogPad will also be
featuring the new licensing model for the MiniPad pc.


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