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>Despite assurance from ARRL that an amateur would have to be within a 
>few 100 yards of the line for there to be any problem, at which 
>distance the power line QRM would be horrendous, FCC have gone along 
>with the power companies in rejecting the proposals. The fear is of 
>switching relays being incorrectly turned off by amateur interference 
>and causing power blackouts.

Hmmm. This ridiculous over-concern with 1w ERP could be turned around. What
if one of the major TV networks were put on a typical 2 min 'newsy item'
where one of us, in an interview, would state that the power grid is
vulnerable (by the power companies own admission) to a level of power that
could easily be generated from an automobile parked under a high tension
line with nothing more showing that a typica AM antenna? A statement could
be added that translates the 1w ERP max at ~300ft to the power needed at,
say, 50ft from the line to cause a problem (Is that ~30mw?). You know the
analogy that the public understands: "Less than the power to operate a
flashlight". Add a few juicy doomsday tourist scenarios and the general
public (politicians?) would be up in arms! I'm sure the power companies
would quickly counter with a statement indicating that they have designed
their system to be safe from any mobile RF power source short of, say, 1KW?.
Then we'd have them!!

Bill A  

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