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Andre Kesteloot andre.kesteloot at verizon.net
Sat May 17 17:12:14 CDT 2003

Gary Peterson wrote:

> I understand that at one point a 73 kHz shared allocation was being 
> talked about and that UK hams were authorized to use that band for a 
> while, back in 1996.  Do you think the ARRL would consider petitioning 
> the FCC for ham privileges between 71.6-74.4 kHz?
> I know some fixed European stations have frequency allocations in that 
> area.  Are there PLC concerns associated with that portion of the 
> spectrum as well?  

Hello Gary,
Yes the 73 kHz band is still in use in the UK but, as I understand it, 
is due to be phased out in the near future. As far as I know, no new 
user may be authorized to use that band in the UK.
One of the early advantages of 73 kHz was that one could use regular 
high power Hi-Fi audio amplifiers whose bandwidth would easily extend 
that high.  
Now that we better control the problem of building transmitters with 
cheap Power MosFETs, that advantage has really disappeared.
The problems of  radiating any kind of power at all at 73 kHz are a good 
deal worse than at 136 kHz, and I would not see any advantage to that 
band. One of the challenges that motivated us was the idea of 
trans-atlantic QSOs on 136 kHz. That has now been effectively killed by 
our dear FCC wizards.
As far as the PLCs are concerned, you understand, I am sure, that they 
do not have any privilege on 136 either. They are secondary users.  I 
have no idea whether they have equipment on 73, as they would not even 
tell us the frequencies they use on the LF band
André  N4ICK
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