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Kristjan Ragnarson wrote:

> GA Andre - Tks for note. Why not go "whole hog" and try for about 200 
> to 515 khz?
> The marine and aeronautical beacons are just about history. The only 
> ones down there
> are the GPS correction beacons and they could be squeezed into a 
> smaller band and the
> odd aeronautical compass locator.  In the 400-515 area, only need to 
> set aside a couple of small slots for GMDSS's NAVTEX just
> above and below 500. From what I've seen (talking to MacKay/RMCA techs 
> in ports)
> all the MF gear they tear off merchant ships to replace with GMDSS are 
> tossed behind the
> shop until they have enought to justify a run to the rubish tip.
Yes, indeed I recall that at least one German Ham recuperated such a 
shipboard Tx and modified it for operation on 136 kHz
About going "whole hog", I would be very happy if the FCC were to give 
us only a few kHz  :-)  But, considering that it took literally years of 
work, on our part to try and put the 136 kHz sliver on the rails, only 
to see it derailed by the FCC last week, I don't hold much hope.
André  N4ICK

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