Randy Mays randy at
Mon May 26 10:21:24 CDT 2003


    When the Army left Vint Hill several years ago, I wound up with a log
field erectable log periodic antenna.  I'm not sure, but it may cover
something like 30 MHz up through VHF-UHF.  If someone wants this antenna,
and has a pick-up truck, please send e-mail and we can make arrangements for
you to pick it up.  That is, after all, what pick up trucks are for.

    I'm not able to answer questions about the antenna other than to say
it's in a big green bag.  It's been in storage for several years.  It may be
infested with giant spiders, or it may not.  It may not work and then you'll
be stuck with it.  It may turn out to be the secret to the first Virginia to
Maryland near vertical incidence meteor scatter PSK31 contact.  Life is a
crapshoot, right?

73, Randy W6RAM

P.S.  E-mail inquiries only.  I am an introvert and do not like to talk on
the telephone.  Besides, we have a non-published.

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