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Luiz Amaral py1ll at ig.com.br
Mon May 19 14:45:36 CDT 2003

Well people,

I'm a brazilian, PY1LL, very interested in the subject (Brazil seems to permit ham activities on 135 Khz band in a near future), but I intend to move just to US as soon as possible, to live with my people (son, daughters and grandchildren), as I am alone, widower and retired in Rio de Janeiro. I will be probably at the region of Fort Lauderdale, Florida (I will try to get a ..4LL callsign for me and a Green Card when possible).
I have a great and long experience in electronics.  PLL low noise frequency synthesizers (I have a couple of published articles on the subject), antennae, very good high quality by-directional passive filters for low frequencies (patent and published article on it too) and many others.
As I arrive in US (if BCIS personnel permits my entry in US!), I will contact you again. Tell me what I can do to help the research on LF.


Luiz - PY1LL

py1ll at ig.com.br
py1ll at ibest.com.br
py1ll at brfree.com.br

ICQ 11317285
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