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Interesting down converter from australian sat TV

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Date: 	Tue, 27 May 2003 11:13:05 +1000
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One of my contacts here in Australia has acquired about 950 18db connifer
2.4 GHz antennas that he is wanting to get rid of. These antennas are
modifyable for 802.11 by removing the integral down converter and using the
existing dipole, or are suitable for downconverting from AO-40 I believe
when put on an Az/El rotator. 

These antennas are new, and are the slotted design. He is wanting to sell
them complete for about US$60 or so, which is not cheap - but he wants to
get rid of as many as possible per batch and as soon as possible as they are
taking up warehouse space.

Shipping them to the USA would not be a big issue... 

The question is, are people interested in these? I personally have no
financial interest in this one way or the other, but I can act as a contact
point if required.


[Steve Bible: Do you think the Amsat guys would be interested?]

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