Power Line Communications

Richard Barth Richard.Barth at noaa.gov
Wed Jun 25 18:10:06 CDT 2003

The "2003 Annual Reference Guide" published by CE Compliance Engineering
Magazine contains, on page 46, an article called "EMC: The Impact of Power Line
Communications, Part 1".  It is immediately followed by Part 2 of the article.
Back issues are available on http://www.ce-mag.com, but the 2003 Ref Guide
isn't posted on the site yet.	

The article, by a Swiss engineer, is written from a European perspective and
the systems described do not necessarily represent those being considered for
the U.S.  Interesting material, though, particularly considering that we don't
know what the U.S. deployments of this technology will look like.  It makes
particular reference to potential interference to amateur communications,
though potential interference to broadcast and other HF operations could be


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