Help needed with Pactor and BBS software and hardware....

ken heitner kenheitner at
Sat Jul 5 22:33:28 CDT 2003

Hello AMRAD Technical Experts,

I would appreicate a little help with both Pactor software and BBS software.

On Pactor, I am running TERMAN93 and using a AEA CP-100 modem.  This is 
really old stuff.  I would like advice on being to run Pactor with a more 
modern setup, but not spending big bucks for a Pactor controller or TNC.   
Right now, I just discovered RCKRtty, which may help.  Advice on other 
options is sought.

On BBS operations, I would be interested if there is up to date BBS software 
that can work VHF packet, HF packet, and maybe even Pactor, via one or more 
soundcards or low cost Baycom (BayPac) type modems.   This would enable 
folks to set up in existing packet or Pactor networks, again without buying 
expensive TNCs or Pactor controllers.   Again, any advice and guidance would 
be appreciated.

Thank you,  Ken WB4AKK/AFA2PB

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