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Subject: LF: Approval granted for Alaska 135/7Khz "beacon" WD2XDW
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2003 14:02:39 -0800
From: "Laurence J Howell" <L.Howell at conocophillips.com>
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An  application for a Experimental licence for 135/137 KHZ beacon
transmitter here in Anchorage has been approved by the FCC  today.

Period of grant July 23rd 2003 -  0300 AM EST August 01  2005
Callsign WD2XDW
Station Class FX
Freqs    135.895-135.9 KHz   Emission 5H00A1A   and  F1D
Authorized power 2W (ERP) -
Freq tol 0.001%..... (within a Hz or so)

Other Freqs  135.920-135.925 and 137.770 - 137.775 KHz  ie 5 Hz slots

Non interference basis only....and Im working on the TX. which will be a
G0MRF 2 FET'r appx 200-300W output

A copy of the grant letter will be on my web site later on this evening AK
As you may be aware Im sadly moving from Alaska soon, but will reapply if
Im kept  in the US. If I am kept, the station will reappear near Tulsa  OK
or Houston TX.

Laurence  KL1X, BP41

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