IEEE ComSoc Meeting, Tuesday, Sept 30. NOTE CHANGE OF VENUE!

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Wed Sep 24 12:13:05 CDT 2003


MUD seems right up our alley.


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>Subject: IEEE ComSoc Meeting, Tuesday, Sept 30.  NOTE CHANGE OF VENUE!
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>September 30, 2003 meeting will be held in Reston, VA  NOT in the 
>building in Tysons’ Corner, as was announced in the IEEE Scanner.
>Dear IEEE ComSoc Member or friend,
>The IEEE Northern Virginia Communications Society is privileged to 
>its 2003-2004 season with a very topical talk.  Dr. John Fite, a
>principal engineer at the MITRE Corporation in McLean, VA, will 
>multi-user detection, or MUD, and give some updated results of 
>in this field. In recent years, multi-user detection (MUD) techniques
>have been developed to increase user capacity and improve
>quality-of-service of cellular systems. Multi-user detection 
>exploit known signal properties and parameters to separate signals
>occupying the same frequency, bandwidth, and time. The use of MUD
>techniques results in a much more efficient re-use of RF frequencies.
>John will present a brief tutorial of MUD algorithms and describe the
>recent advances using multi-stage chip-level cancellation methods, 
>emphases on computationally efficient algorithms that work against
>long-code, asynchronous CDMA signals operating in a highly overloaded
>The meeting will be at Northrop Grumman, 12011 Sunset Hills Road,
>Reston, VA.   (NOTE:  This is a change from the IEEE Scanner, which 
>it would be at the MITRE Corporation building, in McLean, VA.)
>We will have a light dinner beginning at 6:00 p.m., and our speaker 
>begin around 6:45 p.m.  The meeting will wrap up by 8:00 p.m.
>If you’d like to attend the dinner, please RSVP to Fred Seelig by 
>(fred.seelig at or by telephone ( 703-883-3223 at work,
>703-963-7275 on cell phone) by Monday, Sept. 29th.  We’d like to get 
>good head count so we don’t buy more food than we have to, so please
>make sure you RSVP if you want dinner.
>At our last ComSoc meeting we discussed helping defray the IEEE 
>organization’s contribution for dinner costs.  At the time a few of 
>thought that a notional contribution would be acceptable.  If you 
>to help out by supporting this dinner’s costs, bring $3 and we’ll 
>have a
>free-will offering basket available if you want to help out.  The 
>should NOT stop you from attending!  If you don’t have money come 
>and learn something, and bring money when you have a few bucks in 
>You can always get the on-line schedule of local IEEE events here:
>The Northern Virginia IEEE community has a wonderful new tool that we
>will be using increasingly more often:
>Membership is free to IEEE members, so please log in and get an
>account.  (Have your IEEE membership number handy.)  Once you get an
>IEEE Virtual Communities account, make sure you become a member at 
>National Capitol Area (NCA), which is our area.  Once there, you can 
>a calendar of events.  This Virtual Communities thing is pretty neat. 
> I
>could see us doing a lot of decision-making and poll-taking over the
>Internet in the not too distant future.  There is even an on-line 
>feature.  We will use this NCA Virtual Community to publish our
>schedules of future events, pictures, documents such as meeting 
>and other things.  This is just starting, so get in and start using 
>now, and watch this tool evolve over time.  I’m very excited about 
>and I think you will be too.
>Best regards,
>Fred Seelig
>IEEE Communications Society
>Northern Virginia Section
>Fred.Seelig at
>Fred Seelig
>The MITRE Corporation             Center for Advanced Aviation System
>Development (CAASD)
>7515 Colshire Dr.                 F083  Communications, Navigation 
>McLean, VA  22102-7508                  Communications and 
>Systems Dept
>Mail Stop N660                    (703) 883-3223  phone
>fseelig at                 (703) 883-1367  fax

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