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James Leo leojames99 at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 15 13:46:53 CDT 2003

I'm a fourth year electronic engineering student in
University College Dublin (UCD), Ireland.
I have been assigned a final year project entitled:
Compact Low Frequency Antennas. I am required to
design and build a working low frequency antenna and
test it to receive signals from a radio station of my
As I am expected to familiarise myself quickly with
the basics of antennas and propagation, this means I
must go at a far faster rate than my lecture courses.
To be honest, I am finding myself somewhat lost in the
However I do find the subject interesting, but I also
find that most texts take a more
academic-than-practical approach while most online
sources tend to take a more practical but less
mathematical approach. I would be grateful for any
reading/texts/ newsletters/journals you could
recommend as a good starting point for a student
entering the subject.
Thank you very much,
-James Leo.

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