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Probably the best set of articles on active antennas for low frequencies 
was written by Ralph Burhans in the March through June 1983 issues of 
Radio-Electronics magazine.  These are a great starting point with 
enough information to construct an excellent antenna.

We carried this work a bit further in the September 2001 issue of QST 
magazine but the Burhans articles are much more informative of the 
underlying principles.

Good luck on your project.

Frank K0BRA

James Leo wrote:

>I'm a fourth year electronic engineering student in
>University College Dublin (UCD), Ireland.
>I have been assigned a final year project entitled:
>Compact Low Frequency Antennas. I am required to
>design and build a working low frequency antenna and
>test it to receive signals from a radio station of my
>As I am expected to familiarise myself quickly with
>the basics of antennas and propagation, this means I
>must go at a far faster rate than my lecture courses.
>To be honest, I am finding myself somewhat lost in the
>However I do find the subject interesting, but I also
>find that most texts take a more
>academic-than-practical approach while most online
>sources tend to take a more practical but less
>mathematical approach. I would be grateful for any
>reading/texts/ newsletters/journals you could
>recommend as a good starting point for a student
>entering the subject.
>Thank you very much,
>-James Leo.
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