Repeater 147.21/81

Andre Kesteloot andre.kesteloot at
Mon Oct 27 10:31:42 CST 2003

Alex Fraser wrote:

> Great!
> Are there any scheduled nets on the repeater? Where is it located, 
> power and other details?
> I can hit it from Woodbridge.

Thanks Alex, for your signal report.

a) The AMRAD repeater is located at Tysons Corner.
b) Power is, I believe, 50 watts RF, but Sandy WB5MMB is better 
acquainted than I am with those details.
c) No, we do not have any scheduled nets.
d) The repeater is used mainly as a link between the numerous "techies" 
that populate the AMRAD Fraternity. You can actually hear  --and 
participate, if you so wish--   in  _real_  technical discussions on 
this repeater, rather than listen to moans about  the weather or traffic 
jams on I-495  :-)

André N4ICK

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