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Subject: 	November 13 meeting
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I will not be comming, but please make all attendees 
aware of the pleeding against our interests below.

> From: Andre Kesteloot <andre.kesteloot at verizon.net>

Historical Electronics Museum Amateur Radio Club to hold a joint meeting near BWI the evening of November 13.

If there is no proceeding number yet, how do we 
get to read what individuals wrote to pleedings 
like the one below?
73, Bill, W3HXF at cox.net

Please read from:
Gene Gaines
gene.gaines at gainesgroup.com
Sterling, Virginia

Call to Action: FCC Action on Open Spectrum

Pulver Report reader Dustin Goodwin from NYCwireless writes:

"For those of you not familiar with this issue, NYCwireless
<http://www.nycwireless.net> and a number of other community groups signed
on in support of a FCC filing by the New  America Foundation and the 
Media Access Project. These comments were in response to a FCC Notice 
Proposed Rule Making (NPRM) that would turn over the 
ITFS/MDS band in the 2.5ghz frequency to the cellular industry. 
The NAF/MAP comments we support propose that this frequency 
be used to extend the existing 2.4ghz unlicensed
spectrum instead of being turned over for use by the cellular industry.
Please read as much as you can stand below but we need your help.
Individuals and organizations must file separate comments (instructions
below) to get the FCC to take notice of this position. The NAF/MAP 
comments cannot do this alone. The FCC must read more support for this 

I recently sent the email below asking everyone on the NYCwireless 
mailing list to file comments including brief instructions on the 
procedure. I 
hope everyone on this distribution list will also take few minutes to 
comments in support of reallocating ITFS/MDS spectrum for unlicensed 
Also please pass this call to action along to your respective groups or 
any other interested party. We really need to show up in mass for this 
the special interests will win. We can not let them walk away with all 
spectrum. The ITFS spectrum was originally allocated for the public 
good to benefit public educational broadcasting. This spectrum is 
under-utilized. To keep this spectrum serving the public good it must be
opened for unlicensed use. The FCC process is very open and we can make 
a difference.

I have included as much information as I can. Please email me with any
additional questions. Thank you in advance.

Dustin Goodwin

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 As you may recall NYCwireless took it's first major policy action by
signing onto FCC comments authored by the New America Foundation and the
Media Access Project that support making more unlicensed spectrum
available. Specifically these comments oppose action by the FCC to give
away spectrum within the ITFS band that was originally allocated for
educational broadcast to the cellular industry.

 Remember the wireless revolution would not be possible without the
existing unlicensed band where 802.11b technology operates.  
this band is getting more and more crowded with  applications and users.
Additional spectrum will be required in the near  future to keep the 
Wi-Fi revolution going. 
Individuals should have equal access to the airwaves not
just huge corporations. The frequency  spectrum is a common good that
belongs to all Americans and should not  be given away to rich
telecommunication companies. Giant corporations  already control access 
to television networks, don't let this happen to  the rest of the 
If the coalition of private interests behind the proposed changes to the
ITFS/MDS band get their way it will result in huge give away of valuable
spectrum to the cellular industry and a historic opportunity to provide
more unlicensed spectrum will be missed.

 Individuals within NYCw need to take action to make all of our voices
heard by the FCC. The best way for the NYCw community to make a  
difference is for everyone to file comments individually on the FCC 
The following is the short form of the instructions, read the directions
written up by the Media Access Project below to find out more about the
process. It's is best if your write a paragraph or two  explaining how
unlicensed spectrum (the spectrum used by Wi-Fi) has had a  positive 
impact on your life, your business or your community.

 The process (short form)

  1. Surf to http://gullfoss2.fcc.gov/prod/ecfs/upload_v2.cgi
  2. Fill in the relevant info and the Docket No. is 03-66. This is
       important you MUST list the docket no.
  3. Let the FCC know that you feel the best use of the ITFS/MDS 
      spectrum if for unlicensed usage. Anecdotal stories about the 
benefits of
     unlicensed spectrum/Wi-Fi has had on your life will make your
     comments stand out.

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