AMRAD-HEMARC joint meeting

Charles Weems cmweemsj at
Mon Nov 3 19:15:41 CST 2003

Andre suggested that I send this copy to you.
73 Chip W4PBG

All is go. Here is the notice I intend to post and
send to the FAR reflector tomorrow. Do you have any
modifications AMRAD would like to make?

"AMRAD/HEMARC Joint Meeting
The Amateur Radio Research and Development Corporation and the Historical 
Electronics Museum will meet jointly on November 13, 2003 at the museum.

The major issue to be discussed is the proposed BPL system.  This use of 
the power lines to transmit wideband RF has raised considerable 
controversy. AMRAD will demonstrate of some of the effects and the issue 
will be discussed.  AMRAD will set up in the Pioneer Hall prior to the 
7:00PM beginning of the joint meeting.

Members of both clubs and visitors are welcome to attend the 7:00PM join 

HEMARC will hold their business meeting in the Conference Room of the 
between 6:00PM and 7:00PM.

AMRAD members and visitors are encouraged to come early and tour the 
museum which will be open from 10:00AM.

Directions to the Museum and additional information is available on the 
HEMARC web site www.qsl/w3gr.

73 Chip Weems W4PBG" 

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