Unwitting participant

Jason Wright jason at thought.net
Wed Nov 26 17:46:59 CST 2003

I'm ashamed.  Code I wrote several years ago is going into PLC devices. 
  I'm now an unwitting participant in the spectrum pollution.

--Jason L. Wright

Begin forwarded message:

> From: "Manu Sharma" <Manu.Sharma at ascom.ch>
> Date: Wed Nov 26, 2003  8:04:14 AM US/Eastern
> To: jason at thought.net
> Cc: "Weilin Liu" <Weilin.Liu at ascom.ch>
> Subject: Copyright notice in OpenBSD file bridgestp.c
> Dear Jason,
> To introduce myself, I am Manu, working with Ascom Powerline
> Communications AG, Switzerland (www.ascom.com/plc).
> We are into equipment manufacturing business and produce modems that
> enable communication over existing powerline cables. In our firmware, 
> we
> use eCos as operating system, which in turn borrows networking code 
> from
> OpenBSD. Recently, due to customer requirments, we imported the 
> Spanning
> Tree code in our eCos sources from OpenBSD code. To be more specific, 
> we
> imported version 1.14 of bridgestp.c.
[... blah blah ...]

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