High-power varactors

Andre Kesteloot andre.kesteloot at verizon.net
Sat Nov 29 18:46:51 CST 2003

Bob Bruninga wrote:

>On Sat, 29 Nov 2003, Andre Kesteloot wrote:
>>The idea of using the drain-gate capacitance of biased-off power MOSFETs
>>as high power varactors is interesting.
>What is it about varactors that makes them better than just a diode as a
>high power mixer?
the idea of the article was to suggest the use of power MosFETs, not as 
mixing diodes necessarily, but as variable capacitors (for remote-tuning 
purposes) by means of applying a DC voltage to vary the input 
capacitance of the MosFET (which is quite high when turned off) .
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