Interference noise metric

Alex Fraser beatnic at
Sun Nov 30 11:50:26 CST 2003

They are trying to implement a new philosophy for band management.
We are trying to stamp out the brush fires they are lighting.
We need a good rain shower, even a cloud burst.

Andre Kesteloot wrote:

> Paul Rinaldo wrote:
>> Gang,
>> The FCC has released their NOI on interference temperature. It 
>> doesn't apply to amateur bands this time around but could in future 
>> if the idea gets some traction.
>> Paul
> ho ho ho (as Santa might say)
> From the first paragraph of the first document mentioned:
> quote:
> "In addition, to the extent that the interference temperature limit in 
> a band is not reached, there could be opportunities for other 
> transmitters, whether licensed or unlicensed, to operate in the band 
> at higher power levels than are currently authorized"
> unquote.
> That, IMHO, is a Pandora's box waiting to be opened.
> For instance, if BPL does not create immediately the right 
> interference "temperature", it could be authorized. And then, of 
> course, could not be recalled / canceled, afterwards. A prefect 
> opportunity for the FCC to authorize all sorts of things. And we know, 
> if only from the Citizen Band, that once something is authorized, the 
> FCC loses control of it, as there is scant enforcement applied, the 
> valuable efforts --in our amateur bands-- of Riley Hollingsworth K4ZDH 
> not withstanding.
> 73
> André  N4ICK
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