Primex EmPower

Alex Fraser beatnic at
Wed Dec 3 14:08:08 CST 2003

    The Primex EmPower system is the connection used by the Airline for 
you to use their aircraft's power on your laptop. I have just bought a 
car airplane adapter to power my 19V laptop in my 13.6V pickum up truck. 
I want to convert over to Anderson Powerpole connectors in the truck 
instead of the kluggy, ugly cigarette lighter connector, but still 
retain the ability to use the Airline Empower system. The Empower 
connector has two large and two small pins in it, but I have yet to find 
the pin outs. Anyone have any experience with these Empower systems?
    I'm interested in hearing about airborne use of GPS, wireless lan, 
APRS and other Gizmoes, both in a technical and regulatory sense. That 
is, if it ain't legal I won't do it, but if it is I want to know how.

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