Fw: New HSMM Radio DX Record

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Gang, FYI. Paul

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Subject: New HSMM Radio DX Record


The following report was just received from ARRL HSMM Working Group member 
Prof. Ken Cuddeback, NT7K, of Weber State University.  We assume the record 
was set over the Great Salt Lake.  Please join me in congratulating Ken and 
his students on this fantastic accomplishment!

Vy 73,
John Champa, K8OCL
ARRL Chairman
HSMM Working Group

Just wanted to brag again, my class wasn't satisfied with the last
attempt so we just finished a confirmed 82 mile 802.11b link using
PrimeStar dishes with Cisco Aironet 350 cards in each laptop. We set up
a NetMeeting session and transferred a 2.5 MB .mp3 file successfully.
The website is in progress so the new pictures and screen shots aren't
up yet, should be by tomorrow,  but the link is:

Ignore the article, very poorly written, but it was on the front page,
top, center of the Standard Examiner this week. Fortunately there
weren't any murders or cats on the roof that day.


Ken, NT7K

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