5meter radio, AMRAD: A History Question

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Dr. Hawley,

The American Radio & Research Corporation (AMRAD) of Medford Hillside, MA
was a regular advertiser in the early 1920's in issues of QST, the primary
magazine for amateur radio. According to a web article listed below, the
company was purchased by Crosley Radio of Cincinnati in 1925. I did not find
AMRAD advertisements in QST after 1925 and a check of random issues of QST
in the 1930's did not list the company or another 'AMRAD'.

"The Rise and Fall of WGI, the First Station in Massachusetts"
Author: Donna L. Halper, Journalism Dept. Emerson College Boston MA
dlh at donnahalper.com

An excellent radio history resource is the Antique Wireless Association
(AWA) at:  http://www.antiquewireless.org/
I suggest contacting Ed Gable, curator of the AWA museum:

Ed Gable
187 Lighthouse Road
Hilton, New York 14468
(585) 392-3088
k2mp at eznet.net

The AWA has a very large collection of radio equipment and product
literature, and has published many collections of radio history. Ed can
probably connect you with radio historians in their membership that would
have the information you need.

George Lemaster
Falls Church, VA
lemaster at verizon.net

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> Greetings, and a history question.
> I had a phone call from legendary explorer Brad Washburn.
> He wants to know about early 5 meter radios, and recalls that in the
> 1930's,
> an outfit called AMRAD supplied some of the first that were used to link
> the Mount Washington weather station and Blue Hill (I believe).
> Around that time, Brad's team used similar systems on Mount Crillon
> in Alaska, and may have been the first mountaineering expedition
> to use radio.
> Brad needs an expert (or event an authority) in this pocket of history
> for a quick chat.
> Thanks for any leads.
> Michael Hawley
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