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Andre Kesteloot andre.kesteloot at
Mon Dec 8 16:40:02 CST 2003

Wow, an interesting program from Alberto I2PHD, of LF fame:

> I take this opportunity to do a shameless
> advertising for a new (almost) program that can prove useful for all 
> those who are in soldering
> mode (or mood) and are playing with the idea of building a phasing 
> exciter that, starting
> from an I/Q audio carrier, could generate a 137 kHz signal with an 
> upconversion without
> worries for image rejection. This program will generate the needed 
> baseband I/Q audio,
> and, as a plus (due to its original purpose), offers also an audio 
> spectrum analyzer.
> To download it goto
> It has been tested by John Andrews W1TAG with professional gears, 
> resulting, across the
> range 53 - 10000 Hz, in a THD of 0.025% and a phase angle between I 
> and Q of
> 90 plus/minus 0.02 degrees.
> There is no help file, along I2PHD's tradition  :-), but its working 
> is intuitive, and anyway I
> am available for any doubts that could arise.
> 73  Alberto  I2PHD

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