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Thu Dec 25 13:23:22 CST 2003


We worked on developing an active anenna specifically for receiving LF 
and it just turned out to do pretty good on HF and MF as well. It will 
outperform any 200 foot piece of wire in the LF range. See the Sepember 
2001 QST for a construction article. The RF-590 is a really great LF 
receiver and it can make use of a good antenna. You will almost 
certainly have to spend some time trying out various ground arrangements 
to suppress power line harmonic noise.

You may want to look into a program called ARGO that is downloadable 
from that will enable you to look for signals with 
very narrow bandwidth filters.

Check out our web page at and also

Good luck.

Frank K0BRA

V Ross wrote:

> Sir,
> I have just acquired a Harris RF-590 receiver and since it should be 
> capable of receiving it, I would like to check into learning about LF. 
> But I only have the capability to get 150 to 200' of wire into the 
> air. Is there a beginners information page on LF? Thanks much.
> 73,
> Vic Rosser
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