LF: Rubidium Freq Standard

Frank Gentges fgentges at mindspring.com
Sat Dec 27 11:33:59 CST 2003


I have scanned the manual for the Efratom FRS rubidium standard.  I 
could send it to you if that would be helpful in your quest.  It is 1.3 
MB in size.

Frank K0BRA

PY3CRX PY2PLL wrote:

>Hi ...
>I got a Rubidium Freq Standard, 10MHz, manufactured by Frequency Electronics
>Inc. Its model is FE-5650A, still being manufactured. Aparently it doesn´t
>lock after 4 or 5 minutes ... warm-up etc , 10MHz signal is there but
>Does anybody knows something abt this device ? The manufacturer website have
>some tech docs explaining how it works ... there´s a DDS inside etc but I
>guess the main rubidium cell is not working (a 6.8GHz FLL).
>Marcus, PY3CRX/PY2PLL
>Active from "DC" to 24GHz

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