AMRAD LF email reflector

Frank Gentges fgentges at
Sat Jan 3 10:15:40 CST 2004

AMRAD set up an email reflector back when we were active in LF 
development.  Since the FCC killed the proposal for LF for hams AMRAD 
has moved on to other activities but hope to return when the prospects 

The reflector has gotton onto some spam lists and I am modierator.  I 
have deleted 24 postings since New Years along with one ligitimate post 
by a non member.  I don't see where the reflector is contributing much 
as other reflectors like the British Blacksheep and the US lowfer 
reflectors are quite active with relevant information.  I suspect many 
LF subscribers have forgotten they are even on the list.

I propose we shut down the AMRAD LF reflector.  Any objections?

Frank K0BRA

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