[Lf] AMRAD LF email reflector

Tom Azlin, N4ZPT tom at n4zpt.org
Sat Jan 3 11:41:50 CST 2004

No objection.  73, Tom n4zpt
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Subject: [Lf] AMRAD LF email reflector

> AMRAD set up an email reflector back when we were active in LF
> development.  Since the FCC killed the proposal for LF for hams AMRAD
> has moved on to other activities but hope to return when the prospects
> improve.
> The reflector has gotton onto some spam lists and I am modierator.  I
> have deleted 24 postings since New Years along with one ligitimate post
> by a non member.  I don't see where the reflector is contributing much
> as other reflectors like the British Blacksheep and the US lowfer
> reflectors are quite active with relevant information.  I suspect many
> LF subscribers have forgotten they are even on the list.
> I propose we shut down the AMRAD LF reflector.  Any objections?
> Frank K0BRA
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