Scanning Tunneling Microscope

Frank Gentges fgentges at
Sun Jan 4 11:41:35 CST 2004

I first found out about STMs back around 1985 when I was working on SDI 
and we had a nice presentation at one of our conferences on these.  I 
had a side discussion with the presenter and it was evident that a 
person could make one of these as a home project.  I never followed up 
on it but thought about it from time to time. 

Now I see such a project on the internet that looks pretty realistic.  
It can resolve atoms and such at extremely fine detail.  .  They provide 
design details in an openly available design so you can build your own   
See the impressive pictures they got with their version.

I am getting that itch again.

See <>

Frank K0BRA

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