interesting use of subliminal text

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Not only that, the guy is PIMPING his dogs!  Looks like another scheme to make it big through the exploitation of animals.  Not that the doggies mind doing the studly work, but his operation shure looks like a dog pound or factory to me.

Here is his plan:

1. Buy a dog.
2. Win a few AKC championships (maybe sway the judges via subliminal messaging)
3. Put the dog up for stud at $$$$ per session.
4. Repeat steps 1 - 3 nine more times.
5. Yay!

I wonder what he suggests you do with all the dogs you buy (or steal) that don't become champions.

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Alex Fraser wrote:

> Actually what I think happened was that they put the message on the 
> page and then went to a couple of public discussion sites (like this 
> one) and ratted themselves out. Everyone had to go look at how simple 
> they were. The smarter you are the harder you fall.
Maybe... but if their goal was to increase sales, they missed it...

73  Alberto  I2PHD

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