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Wed Feb 4 12:00:02 CST 2004


I fell into rabid disbelief where they talk about hiring a 
"sharp-shooter" to protect their execs at a public function.
Now THAT sounds responsible.

To quote the article:

> The company spokesman said that SCO executives' lives have been
> threatened. When SCO Group chief executive officer Darl McBride
> appeared at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas in
> November to deliver a keynote speech at CD Expo, the company brought a
> sharpshooter along for protection.

Other than that, I found myself in general disbelief.

But hey, it's on the web, it MUST be true.

For more of the full story, follow the timelines at,
or plug Enderle into their quote machine and observe what he's been
blathering about.  No doubt it's full of "truth" too.

Ron Luse, KD9KX
Lots of Linux.
No sharp shooters. co-(linux)-admin

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