Anti-BPL article on ZDnet Anchordesk yesterday

Andre Kesteloot andre.kesteloot at
Sat Feb 28 08:26:44 CST 2004

Robert Stratton wrote:

> In yesterday's ZDnet "Anchordesk", David Coursey published the 
> following article.  In it, he acknowledges being a ham, and proceeds 
> to encourage all of his readers to follow the issue.

good and succinct article.
Yet, he should have emphasized that Ham are essentially opposed to BPL 
in the HF bands. There would be nothing wrong, IMHO, with BPL in, say, 
the 5 GHz band.

> Ironically enough, there was an ad on the right margin of the web page 
> for a Siemens powerline network adapter. Go figure.

that was an 802.11 adapter, as I read it.

André N4ICK

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