Court Ruling Could Impact BPL

Frank Gentges fgentges at
Thu Mar 4 09:22:31 CST 2004

The DC Circuit of Appeals has struck down much of the FCC rules which 
require the local wireline phone companies to share their lines at FCC 
mandated rates. 

This rule appears to have caused the local wireline companies to withold 
investment in Broadband Internet technologies to bring the Internet to 
the home.  At least this is Verizon's viewpoint in their BPL filing if 
one tries to read between the lines.

The appeals court ruling will most likely be appealed by the FCC to the 
US Supreme Court although Chairman Powell says not..  If upheld, or not 
appealed, much of the drive towards BPL could be blunted if and when the 
local wirelines proceed with widespread deployment of their own 
broadband technology.  However, the appeal will take time and the power 
companies may try to get to the consumer first before the competition 
comes on line.

Meantime the FCC will probably continue with their NPRM on BPL.


Frank K0BRA

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