need some help on a radio project

Nan and Sandy Sanders esanders at
Fri Mar 5 22:52:29 CST 2004

  Hi Mike, we talked about your project at Blue ridge tonight. There was 
some interest . The MP3 player looks like it will be the high cost part, 
the Ramsey kits are not too bad. I looked at their web page at the 
transmitter kit,amp kit and filter kit and prices are ok. Do you want to 
put the whole thing together yourself? Also getting packages to you seems 
to be hit or miss. How many from individuals have you got?
  All that said a few suggestions . First run as much as you can off 12 
volts, fans, xmiter, MP3 player. Switcher power supplies that take 80-250 
volts at 50-60 CPS are easy to get. The whole thing fans and all should not 
pull more than 3 or 4 amps so a 7 amp hour gel cell would run it 2 hours or 
so. You only need to put a diode between the ps and the battery if the ps 
voltage is set for the float voltage ( usually 13.6 to 13.8v ) current will 
self limit no bulbs required. I use this method at work from time to time 
and it works well.

At 03:15 AM 3/5/04 -0800, Michael Chisena wrote:

>Today I got a tentative green light to build a low power FM broadcast 
>station here at CSC Scania. (see photo of KA2ZEV on roof  '15)

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