willing to help

Bryan Dennis plasticroach at msn.com
Wed Mar 3 23:48:59 CST 2004

Hello my name is Bryan Dennis and my call sign is KG4ENB. I do fairly well with a soldering iron and can read diagrams and convert them into finished projects so I am willing to help with any project you need. I will be sending my membership soon .  My main interest is in vlf weak signal detection and the possible use of hell scriber and also trying to induce 60 hertz to make it a viable source of emergency power. Thanks for making me feel not so weird. 
                                                                Bryan Dennis KG4ENB
                                                                509 Clover Hill RD
                                                                Maryville TN 37801
                                                            email plasticroach at msn.com<mailto:email at plasticroach@msn.com>                

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