DSP group forming

hal hfeinstein at cox.nospam.net
Thu Mar 18 05:41:31 CST 2004

Hi All,

A few of us will meeting to discuss signal processing in ham radio, radio 
and communications
perhaps after tacos on Saturday.  The goal is for people doing or 
interested in DSP techniques to talk over their projects, get tips and 
exchange ideas. Subjects include  DSP cards,  how you
can make a sound card do what you want, various flavors of transform such 
as FFT, DFT, etc.
tricks & the usual.   Higher math is not required because we want to 
concentrate on practical
"backyard" type of ham projects.  We also lean heavily on using the PC 
because it and tools are
readily available.

Organization:  This is an autonomous group, without a leader or 
formality.  If useful, I may set up a mailing list for participants.  The 
tacos mailing list should be OK until we see if there is much draw.

Project Example:  I am working on reducing interference from channel 6 to 
my meteor listening system.  I use the channel 6 carrier, which I can see using
Spectran; however, I also get video sideband spill over which I don't want.
Channel 6 is not visible here but a lot of their video
gets through anyway.  My ideas is not new and has been tried by others.  I 
want to set up an
interference receiver and subtract (in the audio domain) the interfering 
signal from the other receiver that is aimed
(more or less) at the meteor.  So far, Jason has been kind enough to pass 
me a simple unix
based sound card C program that reads both channels of the sound card; its 
a beginning.

Best Book:  The best book to learn DSP from is: "The Scientist and 
Engineer's Guide to Digital Signal Processing", by Steven Smith. 1997, 
California Technical Publishing.  Start with this book and after mastering 
its contents, you can easily move to more advanced texts (of which there 
are many).  Its our standard text. I will bring my copy this Saturday to 

I have some experience from my last meteor listening expedition to
a shale pit in West Virginia  to share.

Hope to see you there

Sincerely  Hal WB3KDU

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