OpenOffice works

Frank Gentges fgentges at
Sat Mar 20 19:19:23 CST 2004

Its a bit off topic for tacos but I must say my piece.

Several of us at AMRAD just finished putting together a technical report 
with pictures, spreadsheets and presentation graphics imbedded.  We 
passed files back and forth on the Internet as pieces were put 
together.  I used to have terrible problems with the "other" (M$) Office 
as documents grew and were coming together.  Machine lockups, broken 
margins and just plain goofy screwups that cost valuable time.  
OpenOffice ver 1.1 worked flawlessly this time.  This was on a 21 page 

It is a real step forward in stable and reliable software for serious 
productivity work.   It includes a feature to write out an Acrobat file 
which used to cost another arm and leg.

Check OpenOffice out at 

And, it is free.


Frank K0BRA.

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