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>>> Alex Fraser <beatnic at comcast.net> 3/22/04 8:51:43 AM >>>
>We are already the tail trying to wave the dog,  
>let's not let every one know how weak we are. 
>If you attack the BPL users they will circle their 
>wagons and support the commission.

ALthough my post was in the vein of a "fight back"
mentaility, I think the most useful data and what
we would focus on is the number of 1-way QSO's
that had to be RELAYED back into the BPL area
becaues the mobile could not hear.  This vital
data would help prove our point.

The purpose of my post was to just have fun with
ham radio and using our freqs and just choosing
a new contest to help focus our energies...

Lots of people love contests.  Lots love HF mobile.
Lets just re-arrange things a little bit to also help in
our opposition to BPL...

(Contest wise)

>Wouldn't it be easier to make it an issue in the 
>next national election?  There are already groups 
>fighting the FCC over other bone head moves, find 
>them and join with them, it would be win win.

If my nieghbor wants to put up a used car lot
next door, I find it far more productinve to fight him
on the local level and across the fence, than to
waste time trying to elect more stupid politicains
with the promise that in 10 years they might change
the zoning law...

Bob Bruninga wrote:

>BPL Contests and FLASH MOBS:
>A Flash MOB is an internet phenomenon where a popular WEB page
>calls on all viewers to converge on a scene for a few moments
>just to show MASS impact.  What we need are some opportunities
>for all HF mobiles to "flash" to a BPL neighborhood during any
>BPL tests.
>Lets call it a BPL Operating event or BPL contest.  Stations in
>the BPL zone get multipliers for power.  Power in dB is a multiplier.
>100 Watts is a x20 multiplier and 1 KW is a x30 multiplier.
>Mobiles also get a x10 multiplier.  But, since the closer they
>are to a BPL source the better, it also makes it worse for the
>mobile to hear..   Thus, we need weaksignal points also.
>Probably best to allow TEAM operation.  One operator (a RX operator)
>a few miles out of area, acts as a spotter and relays responses to
>the BPL mobile.   The Mobile transmits to all that can hear him and
>all responses he can't hear are relayed by his RX team mate.  This
>then also demonstrates what the mobile CANNOT hear because of
>BPL!  There is a x10 multiplier for all such inbound RELAYS...
>I don't think the ARRL could sponsor this event and retain its
>above board reputation, but they could use their back-channels
>to spread this idea to anyone else that sponsors HF contests!
>de WB4APR at amsat.org, Bob
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