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Nice part 15 streamed audio.  I know Mr Sutton from CAWnet (Capitol Area 
Wireless) which is the largest  part 15 group in the DC area.

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      *Tune into the only Wireless Technology Radio Show on the Internet
      For March 24, 2004!*


*Wireless Tech Radio* can now be found live on Wednesdays right here on 
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We've got some great folks lined up this week for your listening 
pleasure, including:

Latest Industry News - Steve Stroh
Co-Host and Editor of /*FOCUS on Broadband Wireless Internet Access*/ 
newsletter starts this week's show with the latest news and insight, up 
to the moment.

Matt Larsen
Does it seem that every ounce of your bandwidth is used up as quickly as 
you can deploy it? Do you feel like every subscriber has five teenagers 
running Kazaa 24x7? Matt joins us for a great primer on Bandwidth 
Management. Tip: "Asymmetrical is the key." Join us to unlock this mystery.

Tim Nash, Purple Patch Wireless (Scotland)
Tim Nash joins us from Edinburgh to bring a European flavor and insight 
to the topic of Hotspot Mobility. Are the UK/EU drivers for growth and 
technologies similar, the same, or materially different US markets?

If you have any questions you want to ask the guests or you have any of 
your own comments about a topic, please Instant Message us at *AIM: 
JimSuttonVA*, *MarlonOffice* or *ICQ: 42846865*. If you have a show idea 
or know someone that would be a guest on the show (that could be you!) 
Contact Jim <mailto:jim at wirelesstechradio.com>.

Hope you get a chance to listen in!


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      Archived Shows from the March 17 25th Show

Latest Industry News - Steve Stroh
Cognitive radios are being discussed by the FCC with a pending NPRM. 
Marlon pulls Steve into this discussion even as he highlights major 
themes from the Wireless Futures conference he attended in Austin, TX.

Pen Goodale, OVP Partners
Pen is the Director of Research at OVP Venture Partners, a venture 
capital firm based in Portland. The firm originates, leads and co-leads 
early-stage, pre-revenue investments in communications, software and 
electronics.  Over the past 3 years, Pen has spent a large percentage of 
her time analyzing the Wi-Fi & WiMAX markets. She joins us to begin a 
two-part discussion on WiMax Market Development.
Pen is also the WiMax Session Chair of the EYEforWireless Conference 
coming up next month in San Francisco on April 22nd & 23rd .

Brett Glass
Chairman & Sys Admin, of LARIAT, which is the Laramie Internet Access 
and Telecommunications group in Laramie, WY, who'll talk tech about 
Wireless Security - what you need to know or at least think about to use 
wireless services securely.

      Industry Events

If you have an upcoming wireless related event that you would like to 
get on the schedule, email me with the event name, location, date, and 
contact information by clicking here <mailto:jim at wirelesstechradio.com>. 
Meanwhile, check out the following events

EyeforWireless 2004
yeforWireless 2004, April 22-23 2004, San Francisco "How to build WiMAX 
into you Wi-Fi Hotzone and Voice over WLAN strategy" Meet the wireless 
operators, WLAN equipment provider and WISP at this 2 days one-of-a-kind 
networking event. More info here. <http://www.eyeforwireless.com/>

Wi-Fi Planet Conference & Expo, Spring 2004
June 8 - 10, 2004 . Baltimore Convention Center . Baltimore, MD The 
World's Largest Wi-Fi Business Event is Coming to Baltimore! More info 
here. <http://www.jupiterevents.com/wifi/spring04/index.html>

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