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Fri Mar 26 06:18:08 CST 2004

Although I doubt I could be of any particular assistance in such fine company, I just wanted to let you know I the intent, even the very existence of your organization pleases me greatly.
        Back in the early sixties, and in my early teens, reading and rereading the ARRL handbook -- I had pictured
the greatest part of amateur radio to be much like your organization, and alas --- some 30 years later (but still the idealist :) I was to find out that although fun -- It was not.

             The news was not all bad though, as I found out with some effort --- For example SM5BSZ -- I'm sure I need say no more and am excited to follow his efforts.
I suppose I do have a question -- which concerns your work on the LF network analyzer. The only information I've seen on that --though it was very intriqeing to me -- was here on the AMRAD site ---
        Is it possible that you have some more links in that
area ?

Regardless --- Hats off to all of you and please keep up the good work.   

Sincere and warm Regards;
Thomas (Tom) C Collins
Greeley CO
tcollins88 at                                                

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